Adonis Golden Ratio – Adonis Index

I’m starting on the Adonis Golden Ratio program!


When I first created my bulletin board of dreams a few years back, I came across this information on the internet.  Basically it’s about building the perfect male physique for you body type which is based on the golden ratio (1.61803398875).  Right now my body ratio is at 1.33.  I need to add 4 inches to my shoulders and loose 4 inches on my waist.


Because of the metabolic workouts that I’ve been doing, my body looks good, but there isn’t a lot of lean muscle mass.  More toning is going on right now and my body fat is just a few percentages above the desired level hovering at 20% when I need to be between 10-15%.  My metabolism age is 33, but that’s not bad.  It needs to be back in my 20’s.  My bone density is good and my hydration is good and overall I’m healthy.


I took my measurements and body index at a gym that sells Herbalife products.  Herbalife is an MLM where the business model of the company has been in question particularly by attacks from a hedge fund manager Bill Ackman who claims it’s a pyramid scheme and positioned himself to short on it’s stock and lost $500 million dollars. According to other sources they expect Herblife’s stock to continue going up. Anyway, the product line itself is actually very high quality and is being used by athletes and sports players, even making it’s way into the NFL. Their meal replacements are like a dollar a day (which is cheap!) and they have high endurance products known as the 24 line specifically engineered for athletes. I’m not sure about it’s business structure, not a huge fan of MLM although my parents met at an MLM, Amway way back in the early 80’s. My personality doesn’t really suit the MLM marketing model because I’m very picky with my social circles and once someone gets on my blacklist, they don’t get out. However Herbalife’s product itself is superior and I will be ordering it for it’s high nutrient density value.


Everything is falling into place.  The adonis index has everything lined up in scheduled workout plans and meal plans for each kind of body type. Mine is category 3. Muscle gain and fat loss. I have a strong nutritional line of products to choose from, primarily the meal replacements and am continuing the metabolic workouts. HARD GAINS this month.


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