We Are What We Think


The great Buddha is correct on this.  We make our world with our thoughts.  Yesterday I was thinking about some of the misfortunes I had and I made a change of thought in myself, that this is bullshit.  My luck is going to change and it’s going to change immediately.  Right now.

A few years ago I made that conscious effort but without a rationalization of it.  For some reason when I rationalize something it becomes concrete and set in stone.  Since I have come to a point where I have rationalized the significance of this mental change it will be more permanent.  When I made that conscious effort, good things happened.  It was as if some hidden force responded to the positive output and in exchange I landed several positive developments in my life.  It’s time I set that up again and begin that positive change.  Transformation I guess you could call it.

You can read nice quotes all day and you can learn things about the positive change in mentality but actually changing these concepts in your mind will bring about lasting change and very positive developments.  I noticed this in my own life those years ago and positive developments were taking shape.  Since I know this change to be true having experienced it, now having internally rationalized this positive change in mind, I can then act upon it as set in stone to go about creating lasting positive change in a direction that will bring me more fulfillment in my life, arriving at a state of being happy.  Happiness is not something you obtain, it’s a state of mind.  This takes that change in thought.  I guess I can’t stress enough that just reading good quotes won’t do it.  It’s a change in mentality that does it.

Bulletin board of dreams help.  Thinking about goals and positive outcomes is another way.  I think I’ll redevelop my bulletin board of dreams again and make it permanent.



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