Fitness – The History

My fitness starts off young, as a high schooler, when my father began workout lessons with a man called Phillip Bradfield.  Phillip Bradfield was a bodybuilder and competed in the circuit.  He turned his life around from being a cocaine addict to becoming a drug free bodybuilder.  I have respect for that man.  I recently called him in the last couple years and talked to him about my own level of accomplishment.  Finally I’m getting to that point.  I’m still a slender person but my build and strength has increased from the metabolic workouts and swimming I’ve done for the last few years.

When I was a kid I did a lot of active sports.  I really liked soccer and basketball and played quite a bit.  As I went into my middle school and high school years, my introversion became more pronounced and my sports activities dropped to very little as I began to use my creative abilities and spent time thinking about things philosophically.  I really liked philosophy then.  When I was in high school my dad put me through that workout program with Phillip Bradfield.  I was working out for roughly 2 months and I was showing changes back then however my dad had a heart attack in the gym.  Considering my age of 15-16 and with no ability to drive, I stopped working out.  In fact the heart attack was a massive heart attack and ambulance personnel had to shock him 10 times in the gym, in front everyone, to get his heart pumping again.  Needless to say, I stopped going.

I was never really that skinny.  I was average but I went through a special circumstance when I was 19 that created an abnormal skinniness that stayed throughout my early 20’s to later 20’s.  I went through a heartbreak.  Everyone goes through them and you never forget your first love.  Well mine was a special kind of heartbreak, a kind of “value-devalue-discard” heartbreak, as described being a predictive behavioral continuum of psychopathic people.  I slipped into a vortex of deep depression greeted at the event horizon with brief psychosis disorder.  Brief psychosis can last up to a month and usually attributed before a deep depression, triggered by emotionally traumatic events.  I lost weight, a lot of weight in that horrible summer.  I went from an average 165-170lbs to probably 130-140lbs being 6’1″.  I looked emaciated.  This skinniness stayed with me for almost 8 years.  As a couple years rolled through proceeding that event, I gained some weight back but not with any kind of muscular growth.  It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I started to try and change that but it was short lived.

I have gained significant weight within the last 3-4 years of my life from scheduled swimming classes and aerobics and metabolic workouts.  I did it the slow way where I did not pump iron in a short period of time with lots of protein.  I took it slow and now I’m hovering at 185-190lbs, mostly muscle.  I have my physique back and I’m gaining more musculature growth and development while working on my metabolic workouts.  I have both upper and lower body strength and am continuing with my body development.  My goal is to look close to a model, from say Calvin and Klein.  I am not doing this because I want to attract more women.  It has nothing to do with that.  I want to be healthy and visually powerful while attaining my goal.  Since I’m balding, a strong stern look, shiny head, goatee or beard with masculine features and a hard body will help me gain some time back from that lost decade having tried to run away from the darkness of my past.

My goal is to obtain this look by the time I am 33.  I am 32.  I am no longer a stick and never will be.



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